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Christian Festivals 2017 - 2018 Calendar

Washington D.C. LDS Temple Festival of Lights Washington, DC
Prestonwood Baptist Church's The Gift of Christmas Plano, TX
Granite Creek Community Church Living Nativity Claremont, CA
Passion 268Generation Atlanta, GA
Winter Jam Charleston, WV
Boar's Head & Yule Log Festival Corpus Christi, TX
Winter Jam Louisville, KY
The Church of the Holy Nativity Boar's Head Festival Plano, TX
Winter Jam Grand Rapids, MI
St. Michael Singers Epiphany Concert Jersey City, NJ
La Parada de los Reyes Magos Miami, FL
Kalibo Santo Niño Ati-Atihan Kalibo, Philippines
Winter Jam Jacksonville, FL
Hellenic Dance Festival Orlando, FL
Winter Jam Tampa, FL
Saint Cecilia Sinulog Festival Omaha, NE

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Winter Jam Sunrise, FL
Winter Jam Reading, PA
Winter Jam University Park, PA
Timkat Gondar, Ethiopia
Winter Jam Columbus, OH
Hollywood Greek Festival Hollywood, FL
Winter Jam Charlotte, NC
Winter Jam Springfield, MO
Winter Jam Des Moines, IA
Trinity Jazz Festival Houston, TX
Reel Religion Film Festival Fort Worth, TX
Dinagyang Iloilo City, Philippines
Carnevale di Venezia Venezia, Italy
Winter Jam Saint Louis, MO
Winter Jam Tulsa, OK
Winter Jam Mobile, AL
Winter Jam Nashville, TN
Winter Jam Atlanta, GA
Winter Jam Fort Wayne, IN
Fort Lauderdale Greek Festival Fort Lauderdale, FL
Winter Jam Cleveland, OH
Winter Jam Indianapolis, IN
Winter Jam Auburn Hills, MI
Winter Jam Fairfax, VA
Fred Bock Festival of Worship Los Angeles, CA
Winter Jam Detroit, MI
Cathedral Church of the Advent Lenten Preaching and Lunches Birmingham, AL
Texas Christian Film Festival Houston, TX
Winter Jam Evansville, IN
St. Coleman Italian Festival Pompano Beach, FL
Winter Jam Pittsburgh, PA
St. Sophia Miami Greek Festival Miami, FL
Seton Men's Club Casino Night Plano, TX
Winter Jam Cincinnati, OH
Winter Jam Birmingham, AL
Winter Jam Tupelo, MS
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Christian Festivals

Faith festivals combine the celebratory world of festivals with the spiritual connection from religion. The festivals on this calendar center on the Christian faith and span all genres. Christian music festivals range from local church gospel festivals to mega fests with thousands of attendees. You’ll also find Christianity’s influence in art, performance and film, as well as a multitude of holiday festivals.

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