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Wine Festivals 2018 - 2019 Calendar

Surprise Fine Art & Wine Festival Surprise, AZ
New York Wine & Chocolate Festival Binghamton, NY
Zinfandel Experience San Francisco, CA
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Arizona Wine Growers Grand Wine Festival Phoenix, AZ
Cambria Art & Wine Festival Cambria, CA
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The World of Wine Festivals

Wine is one of the oldest forms of alcohol known to mankind, with evidence of its existence dating back to China 9000 years ago. Today wine is enjoyed worldwide by almost every culture and has deep cultural and religious signaificance to billions. While Europe and California historically dominate wine production, amazing wineries are found on every continent. The oldest historically documented wine festivals can be traced back to the Greek celebrations for their wine god Dionysos. Major wine festivals are often paired with food festivals, though some like the Naples wine festival remain singularly focused.