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Everfest stands in solidarity with the Black community and supports the fight for justice and equality. We will be donating the first month of each new vendor & artist subscription to the Austin Justice Coalition. We encourage you to join us and consider supporting the Austin Justice Coalition or the organization leading the ongoing movement for accountability and change in your community.

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Cinco de Mayo Festivals 2023 - 2024 Calendar

The Cinco de Mayo Festival Scene

What many don't know about Cinco de Mayo is that it's actually the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla, where the Mexican Army defeated French forces in 1862. Today, Cinco de Mayo is widely celebrated throughout Mexico and parts of the United States, with varying forms of commemoration in each country. While Mexico has retained more of a ceremonial-style celebration--with military parades, for instance--people in the United States have come to associate the holiday with the celebration of Mexican-American culture. Cinco de Mayo festivals take place all over the country to serve as extended celebrations of this decades-old victory.