12 Priceless Moments from BUKU Music + Art Project 2016

Article by: Rachel Knapp

Tue March 15, 2016 | 00:00 AM

BUKU Music + Art Project is New Orleans' youngest festival; it just kicked out the jams in its fifth year to a sold-out crowd of 30,000 vibrant music lovers this past weekend. BUKU takes its inspiration from one of America’s most music-filled, hardest partying cities and sprinkles it with fairy dust. As many have already said, Merci BUKU! Here are the most priceless moments we experienced at this year's two-day event.

Priceless Sunset: Friday Night

Buku 2016 Linka Odom Priceless Moment 1
Photo by: Linka Odom

What better way to drift into the first evening of BUKU than on the wings of a golden sunset as a musical backdrop of CHVRCHES serenaded the festival crowds. (It was the band's first show in New Orleans.) The trio truly set the tone for the rest of the amazing evening.

Best Crowd Pleasers and Lady Teasers: New Thousand

Buku 2016 Linka Odom Priceless Moment 2
Photo by: Linka Odom

This Columbus, Ohio/New Orleans-based band creates a sound like no other. The hip hop/trap jam band combines violin, hang drum, synths, and electronic percussion that makes everyone within earshot smile and dance. 

Most Graceful Performers: The AcroYogis

Buku 2016 Linka Odom Priceless Moment 3
Photo by: Linka Odom

The grace and strength of these AcroYogis kept us all in awe. It was quite a beautiful thing to behold.

Most Impressive Street Performers: BUKU Breakers

Buku 2016 Linka Odom Priceless Moment 4
Photo by: Linka Odom

Their seemingly effortless flow kept us hooked every time we passed these b-boys. 

Sexiest Stage: Back Alley

Buku 2016 Linka Odom Priceless Moment 5
Photo by: Linka Odom

The Back Alley Stage boasted the most solid and consistent DJ lineup the whole weekend; it was a nonstop dance party. Its intimate setting created a mystical experience that seemed to transport hard-dancing festival-goers to another dimension entirely. All the fun was only complemented by the stage's super efficient bartenders, who made sure everyone was properly fueled up.

Priceless Amenity: The Hydration Station

Buku 2016 Linka Odom Priceless Moment 6
Photo by: Linka Odom

Allowing free water accessible at any moment always keeps a festival more clean and safe. Thanks, BUKU!

Most Unforgettable After Hours: Dragon's Den

Buku 2016 Linka Odom Priceless Moment 7
Photo by: Linka Odom

The Dragon's Den kept the magic of the festival going into the wee hours of the morning (and then some) with an unfailing lineup. In an enormous city building with three different stages and nonstop movement throughout, there were plenty of reasons to lose sleep here. New York based-duo Thugfucker kept the atmosphere heated Friday night, filling the dance floor and keeping it full 'til the sun rose.

It didn’t stop there: Saturday brought J.Phlip, who consistently killed it, not only with her booty droppin’ tracks but also her natural ability to keep the crowd dancing along with her After all, never trust a DJ who doesn't dance.

Best Set to Shake your Groove Thang: Claptone

Buku 2016 Linka Odom Priceless Moment 8
Photo by: Linka Odom

Talk about a dance floor charmer. Claptone was the most priceless sets of this year's BUKU experience. His positive vibes oozed  everywhere, not only through his music itself, but also his live performance. It was enough to bring anyone to the next level.

Best Place to Lounge: The BUKU Fort

Buku 2016 Linka Odom Priceless Moment 9
Photo by: Linka Odom

The BUKU Fort provided a giant community hammock perfect for snuggling, napping, relaxing or taking a short breather in between sets. Situated with a perfect view of the Power Plant Stage, it allowed you never to miss a moment of the action.

Most Positive Vibes: Spiritual as FVCK Guy

Buku 2016 Linka Odom Priceless Moment 10
Photo by: Linka Odom

Dressed in purple and looking immaculate each time we laid eyes on him, this loving soul gave out nothing but hugs and amazing energy throughout the weekend.

Most Innovative DJ Booth: DJ Mike Feduccia and Sax Player Chris Welcker

Buku 2016 Linka Odom Priceless Moment 12 B
Photo by: Linka Odom

The groove bloomed wherever these two went. The dynamic duo, armed with just a saxophone and portable, decked out DJ booth, created a renegade migrating dance party throughout the festival, inspiring dancing troupes to shake it upon first listen.

Biggest Festival Surprise: No Torrential Downpour

Buku 2016 Linka Odom Priceless Moment Intro 1
Photo by: Linka Odom

Though inclement at first, to everyone's surprise, the weather cleared up much more quickly than expected. It eventually resulted in that ever elusive phenomenon known as "the perfect temperature": not too hot, not too wet, and not too cold.