5 Ways Rumpl Blankets Will Change Your Next Fest Experience

Article by: Rumpl Blankets|@goRumpl

Wed March 04, 2015 | 00:00 AM


Ever found yourself packing your bags for festival camping and wishing you didn't have to choose between that ratty (yet cozy) old scrap of fabric you always take on your outdoor adventures and the more sleek blanket you own that complements everything you've chosen to wear? Rumpl blankets are inspired by the great outdoors yet remain stylish enough to pull an entire outfit (or room) together.

They're made from high-tech nylon reminiscent of sleeping bags and puffer jackets expertly designed to regulate your body temperature, but simultaneously pull their slick designs from nature and come in a stunning variety of hues that'll catch any eye around you. Two purposes served with just one blanket? That's Rumpl. Read on to learn how a Rumpl blanket will completely transform your next fest experience.

Rumpl Graemeowsianski 2015

Photo by Graeme Owsianski

1. You won't ruin it with spilled beer, water, or any other liquid – Rumpls are water and stain resistant. They can also be thrown in your washing machine, no sweat.

2. The days of going to sleep cold and waking up hot are over. Everyone knows the feeling of waking up to a blaring sun, drenched in sweat at 7:30 am. It's not awesome. That wont happen when you camp with a Rumpl, because they are specifically designed to regulate body temperature, rather than just keep you as warm as possible.

Rumpl Blogstory 2015

Photo courtesy of Rumpl

3. Never think about that whole outside/inside thing again. You can use a Rumpl to sit on the grass, and then just shake it off and bring it into your tent. The 20D nylon shell won't cling to any leaves or debris you don't want inside.

4. You don't need arms like Popeye to be able to carry your Rumpl around with you, because it's super light and packs down into a small stuff sack.

Rumpl Claytonhumphries 2015

Photo by Clayton Humphries

5. You don't have to worry about not standing out from the crowd. Yes, you spent weeks picking out your festival attire, but come nightfall temperatures drop and if you don't keep yourself warm, the fun starts to fade pretty quick. Luckily, Rumpl's gorgeous array of colors means you don't have to sacrifice your fest style while staying toasty.

Take your next festival adventure to the next level and shop for your own Rumpl blanket – in 5 different sizes and 5 stunning colors – here . They even make beer koozies!