5 Ways to Infuse Your Everyday Wardrobe with Fabulous Festie Flair

Photo by: Galen Oakes
by Tessla Venus Goodwin | @GlitterSpies Fri November 10, 2017 | 09:27 AM

Here in the U.S., festival season is tapering off and with that comes putting some of your festie gear into boxes for next season. But not every item has to go away! There are ways to transition your favorite pieces into your everyday life.

Here are five tips on how to keep your festie spirit alive in the off season.

Wear Subtle Glitter to the Office

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Instead of putting glitter all over your face and body, put it subtly in the corner of your eyes or on your eyelids as eyeliner. To apply as eyeliner, take a toothpick and dip it in eyelash glue. Use that to make the line. Then dab BioGlitz (or other favorite glitter product) on top of the line and allow to dry. It might not be quite as much fun as being drenched in glitter but even the subtle shine will be a big hit wherever you go.

Button Up Your Psychedelic Shirt

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That long-sleeve rainbow paisley button-up might be worn at festivals open and free with a multitude of other wild layers piled upon it. Don’t forget, you can button up that shirt and tuck it into pants. You could even add a tie. Odds are you’ll be the talk of the office.

Wear a Full Slip Under Sheer Numbers

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At a festival, it is completely acceptable to wear a bodysuit or bra top and booty shorts under a sheer dress, or even nothing at all. The real world usually calls for us to be a little more covered up. Investing in some short and long slips can help you wear your favorite sheer items out to dinner.

Make Your Kimono Chic and/or Casual

A kimono can be your best friend at a festival. It’s that perfect light layer to throw on over your bodysuit or shirt/short combo when it starts to cool off. It doesn’t matter if it’s usually worn open.

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In the default world, steam your kimono and tie it up to create a chic and dressed-up look. You can also wear it more casually with jeans.

Wear Your Wild Bodysuit or Swimsuit with a “Normal” Outfit

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Any one-piece swimsuit or bodysuit can be worn with virtually anything. For festivals, they are usually styled with no bottoms and just accessories. Instead, add a cute skirt or palazzo pant to create a cute look appropriate for lunch dates.

How do you transition your favorite festie wear into your everyday life?