8 Awesome Ways to Give Your Festival Wristbands New Life

Article by: Graham Berry|@Festival_Writer

Thu October 12, 2017 | 13:00 PM

What is it about these small pieces of fabric we wear on our wrists at festivals that makes them so important, and what do they represent?

We asked Tucker Gumber, aka The Festival Guy, that very thing. He said that these days, “a festival [wristband] is more than a ticket stub, it proves you were there and experienced something wonderful. By keeping it on, the wristband becomes a conversation starter when you run into other people who went to the same festival.”

Back in the day, people would keep their ticket stubs. Today, people treasure their wristbands as keepsakes of defining moments, whether that means wearing them proudly long after their festival experiences are over, or going a step further to make their wristbands an out-of-the-box style statement.

We compiled eight incredible reader-sourced ways to creatively flash your festival wristbands all year long.

Convert Them Into Removable Wristbands (Go Figure!)

Festival Wristbands Makayla Kelley Reader

Some like reader Makayla Kelley suggest adding wooden beads to make your wristbands removable. This is probably the most practical way to sport them repeatedly as wristbands, but still keep their original "look" intact.

Make a Helluva Headband

Festival Wristbands Tucker Gumber Headband

Photo by: Tucker Gumber

In his early days of festival-ing, Tucker Gumber created an actual headband that he could wear, reminding everyone that, in addition to having been to many festivals, but he also knows karate.

Sew Them Onto a Camera Strap

Festival Wristbands Reid Godshaw Camera Strap
Photo by: Reid Godshaw

Reid Godshaw, Harmonic Light’s sage of psychedelic snapshots, has plans to turn all the festival wristbands he has around his wrist (above) into a camera strap.

Let ‘Em Jangle on Your Ankle

Festival Wristband Anklet Conner Coughenour

Photo by: Conner Coughenour

If that wrist is getting crowded, or you’d simply prefer to be different, you can always turn that bracelet in to an anklet. Want to turn some heads? Add bells and make your dancing a source of music – or comedy.

Decorate Your Hat 

Festival Wristbands Hat Austin Whitney

Photo by: Austin Whitney

Your friends will never lose you in a crowd again.

Sew Them to Your Jacket

Festival Wristbands Jacket

So they can help warm you up when it's cold out.

Make the Gearshift Schwifty

Festival Wristbands Stick Shift Conner Coughenour

They make great conversation starters for those who tend to carpool, and add major flair if you’re an Uber or Lyft driver.

Rock Them On Your Rearview Mirror

Festival Wristbands Rearview Mirror Conner Coughenour

There’s always the rearview mirror, to always remind you to keep eyes on the road, towards the next festival.

Bonus ideas include making your wristband a zipper pull on your jacket, or wrapping them around your car seat belt to jazz up the act of buckling up. How do you wear your wristband after the festival? Tell us in the comments below.