And the 2014 Bestival Theme Is...

Article by: Laura Mason|@masonlazarus

Tue January 28, 2014 | 00:00 AM

2013's nautical theme of HMS Bestival begets a new theme, one that will honor one of the greatest eras in dance music, but with a twist that proves that Bestival's tongue is still planted firmly in its cheek.

Photo credit: Dan Dennison

In the words of Bestival:

"In 1977, a strange piece of flotsam washes up with the tide on an island somewhere in the South Atlantic. The victim of a wild party hundreds of miles away, a giant and abandoned disco ball finally comes to rest on the beach. Squinting at the sunlight reflecting off its hundreds of mirrors, a tribesman gently lifts it from the wet sand, feels the tides turn, and runs it back to the elders. Night falls and the tribe dance around their new talisman, flashes of fire reflecting off the disco ball, splashing sparkles across their feathers and spears. As the ball spins and spins, their drums find a new rhythm. Entranced by the glittery orb a four-to-the-floor beat surges through. The tribesman on the 3-string hootoo begins to whap at his bass string. This. Is. The. Dawn. Of. Disco."

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you...Desert Island Disco.


Time to start planning those costumes for the Fancy Dress Parade! Desert Island! Tribal! DISCO. 

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