Burning Man's Fly Ranch is Open for Public Tours

Article by: Laura Mason|@masonlazarus

Tue April 10, 2018 | 14:30 PM

Ever since Burning Man purchased Fly Ranch back in 2016, the global Burning Man community has been abuzz with questions (we answered many of them here ) and musings on what the new property will mean for the event's future.

One of the main questions surrounding Fly Ranch was simply when Burners were going to get to check it out for themselves. Well, today it was announced that the massive property – which sprawls 3,800 acres – of intrigue, complete with the otherworldly Fly Geyser, is now open to the public. According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, guided tours started a week ago and last three hours. Zac Cirivello, the community and operations manager at Fly Ranch for the Burning Man Project, told the Reno Gazette-Journal that two tours are offered per weekend, and 20 people may attend each walk at one time. Plans to add more tours each weekend are in the works.

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Photo by: Eamon Armstrong

Tickets to tours can be purchased here, and by the looks of it, they're filling up quickly already.

As of now, the tours are device-free, so that ticketholders can gain a more immersive experience. “You can see three or four different areas. There's a wet spring area, there's a playa area," Cirivello told the Gazette-Journal. "With an experience like this, people can learn about some of the plants that are there and some of the animals that are there."

There's a minimum $40 suggested donation.

Check out Burning Man's video about Fly Ranch above.