How to Never Miss a Beat At Treasure Island Music Festival

Article by: Adrian Spinelli|@AGSpinelli

Tue October 13, 2015 | 00:00 AM

This weekend marks the ninth year of Treasure Island Music Festival (TIMF) and as far as  music festivals go, the San Francisco fest has fine-tuned a unique set-up. The original alternating stage festival, TIMF's set-up is one that makes it so you can literally see every act at the festival, even when you're riding the ferris wheel or getting grub. 

For practical purposes, Saturday, October 17's electronic and hip-hop focused slate is when you show up to dance, bounce and just sorta go crazy, while Sunday, October 18 is an opportunity to rock out and decompress from the electro heavy vibes from the night before. And with a jam-packed lineup of standouts , the last thing you want to do is have to make a difficult decision to miss one of the acts in favor of another. And did we mention that it's a festival on an island? That makes for a pretty intimate festival environment.

With that, here are some truly special ways to experience this festival's attractions while never missing a beat:

Ride the Ferris Wheel During deadmau5 on Saturday

Treasure Island 2014 Gimbel 4

Photo by: Art Gimbel

TIMF's iconic ferris wheel provides sweeping views of the Bay, with views of San Francisco, Oakland, and beyond, as you spin around the wheel. But the coolest part is staring down at the crowd at the smaller Tunnel Stage just below, and the main Bridge Stage in the distance. deadmau5's closing set on Saturday will be the festival's most colorful peak and if you're dancing feet are weary from a day of electronic music-induced motion, then kicking back and getting a birds-eye view of the mau5 is a prime idea. The photo above is the daytime view from the wheel, so use your imagination or create your own memory for the evening this weekend!

Catch the Sunset with Deerhunter on the Tunnel Stage on Sunday

Treasure Island Music Festival Cc Markus Spiering

The coveted Sunday sunset slot goes to Deerhunter this year. With San Francisco's indian summer in full effect this time of year, the color palette of the sky is flat-out-incredible right around 7 pm – and Deerhunter plays from 6:40-7:25. Four Tet's 2010 set had the most stunning backdrop I've ever seen, with San Francisco's skyline – Transamerica Pyramid and all – seemingly nestled into the horizon. Last year, it was Poliça's gorgeous vibes that provided the soundtrack, while 2012's Divine Fits set (above) was equally as magical. 

Hang Out At The Silent Disco on Saturday

Treasure Island Music Festival 2014 Dijon   39

Photo by: Dijon

TIMF's Silent Disco has an equally bumping lineup this year, featuring Duffrey, Kimba Rose, Trackstar, Saqi, Rachel Torro, and more. And of course, walking by the Silent Disco is always entertaining; witnessing people who appear to be dancing to nothing never gets old.

Get a Sunday Treat From Gerard's Paella

Treasure Island Music Festival 2015 Paella

Photo by: Gerard's Paella

When I think about food at TIMF, I think of the massive pans filled with Gerard's colorful paella. I'm all about the traditional Paella Valenciana with chicken, mussels, fish and shrimp. The essence of saffron rice with peas and peppers never leaves my mind and there's even a vegetarian paella. I mean, just look at that bad boy! Talk about fuel for dancing all night long.

Go Shopping While Taking In the Early Acts

Treasure Island Festival Hero

Photo by: Fest300

There are vendors galore at TIMF, and many of them are stellar local businesses who are definitely deserving of your hard-earned cash. From art from Upper Playground, Lil Tuffy, and Amos Goldbaum, to goodies from the 826 Valencia Pirate Supply Store and clothing from San Franpsycho, you can peruse them all under the shining sun, while in close proximity to both Bridge and Tunnel stages. All while daytime acts like Bob Moses, Mikal Cronin, Baio, Skylar Spence, and Viet Cong serenade you.

Bring Your Totems on Saturday and Look Out For The Jellyfish!

Totems are a staple at electronic music fests, so Saturday's vibes are the perfect match for these epic festival accessories. PLUR will be in full effect for STS9's 6:10 pm set, and of course for deadmau5. Keep your eyes peeled, and you might just see the school of jellyfish cruising through the crowd (a TIMF staple), making it seem as if the island has become submerged.

End The Weekend on Sunday With The National

TIMF knows how to go out. Last year the festival's bang came thanks to the trip-hop vibes from Massive Attack, which showed that they'll stray from traditional Sunday rock feel when appropriate. However, this year's festival closer, The National, will provide a solid indie rock cherry on top, taking the stage on Sunday night at 9:20 pm to seal the deal. They played TIMF in 2010 and were hands down my favorite act of the weekend (yes, LCD Soundsystem was there that year too, but I stand by that statement). 

Two-day, VIP and single-day tickets are available here.