Overheard at Lightning in a Bottle 2018

Article by: Casey Berg|@bergcaseyy

Wed May 30, 2018 | 17:30 PM

Over four jam-packed days each May, Lightning in a Bottle gathers more than 25,000 beautiful beings and party professionals bedazzled in fur, sequins, and dust to its enchanting Southern California utopia. Throw 25,000 festies in the middle of the desert, add some incredibly loud music and countless activities to enhance the soul searching, and you're sure to hear some crazy things.

With highs in the 90s and lows when your friend Stacy went too hard on Friday and couldn’t make it out of her tent on Saturday, we captured some of the funniest comments, profound thoughts, and uncensored truths as attendees danced the weekend away under the colorful mushroom trees of the Woogie Stage, the fluttering Lighting Stage flags, and the gigantic disco balls hovering over the Favela Bar. 

From your classic festival faux pas to amazing “only at LIB” moments, it’s fun to see just how relatable we truly are.

On porta potties:

“I don’t understand why anyone would want to camp next to the porta potty. Who wants the smell of eggs, bacon and shit in the morning?”

“I’m honestly impressed I’ve never gotten pink eye at a festival before.”

Lightning In A Bottle 2018 Phil Sanchez    1 Of 1

Photo by: Phil Sanchez for Lightning in a Bottle

On headliners:

Guy 1: “We’re going to Tokimonsta. Do you wanna come?”
Girl 1: "I would rather drink out of a porta potty."

“If you make a song and nobody hears it, does it exist?”

At the Om Shan Tea House:

“I honestly don’t work here. They were short-staffed, and I know a lot about tea so they asked if I could just run a table, so here I am.”

On camping essentials:

“I have a knife, but I don’t have a machete.”

Lightning In A Bottle 2018 Aaron Glassman    1 Of 6 (3)

On walking those brutal LiB hills:

“I feel like we’re at Soul Cycle.”

“This is like a sand escalator"

Random yell within the campgrounds:

“MY LEG!!”

Lightning In A Bottle 2018 Galen Oakes    1 Of 23 (22)

Photo by: Galen Oakes

On festival fashion coordination:

“My closet is either black or tie dye, there’s no in between.”

On unknown liquids touching your leg in the dark:

“I was tripping so everything’s puke to me.”

Lightning In A Bottle 2018 Watchara    1 Of 1

On LiB's miscellaneous activities:

“Hey you want to go ice fishing? Let’s make it happen.”

On post-festival food:

“I’m gonna eat In N'Out and all you can eat sushi at the same time.”

On those prickly spurs all over the campgrounds:

Guy 1: “Bro, are you not wearing shoes?”

Guy 2: “I’m trying to toughen my feet.”

Lightning In A Bottle 2018 Galen Oakes    1 Of 23 (21)

Photo by: Galen Oakes

On morning beverages:

“It’s champagne and Pedialyte.”

On carbonated beverages:

“Canada Dry or die.”

On the LiB lake:

“Is it really green, or is it just a lot of pee?”

After one of the Zendo Project volunteers saved a life:

“I think I’m gonna name my kid Snake Oil.”

Lightning In A Bottle 2018 Watchara Phomicinda 6 (1)

Overheard while walking across the bridge:

“Don’t high five anyone, you’ll get sick. Wash your hands.”

Last day of the festival mood:

“Words are hard right now.”

What was the best thing you overheard at Lightning in a Bottle 2018?