Random Acts of Yoga

Article by: Lisa Maria

Sun August 11, 2013 | 00:00 AM

Festivals are exhilarating, liberating, often life-changing events. Whether you’re at Burning Man, Oktoberfest or Carnival in Rio, every moment of every day is a veritable psychedelic wonderland of sights, sounds and sensations. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to squeeze every bit of adventure out of every moment because you are committed to getting the most out of all of life's experiences. Random acts of yoga can help.

You see, yoga is the ultimate technology for tuning your human instrument to its sweetest pitch. This ancient system of tools helps to clear our inner clutter and allow our natural state of unlimited love, joy, clarity, peace and presence to emerge. Yoga soothes your wilting, whiny inner child, that part of you that’s getting a wee bit cranky from an overdose of sun, fun and party favors.

But wait! There’s no need to leave the party, change into yoga clothes and haul around your props and mat. Forget waiting for a class, these days you get to do yoga when you want to, where you want to, in whatever you’re wearing (or not wearing). Take a cue from the folks at yoga festivals Wanderlust and Lightning in a Bottle, where the need to bust out some freestyle yoga for a personal mini-yoga retreat is understood.


Earthly Backbend

When I see this Wheel Pose, I just want to be this woman. Muddy, messy, wild, free...let go of your inhibitions and unleash your inner Goddess. Open your heart and become one with the Earth. Literally.


Hula Dancer

Can’t grab your foot? Grab a hula hoop. As evidenced by this clever use of a hula hoop to achieve Dancer’s Pose, yoginis and yogis are notoriously adaptable.



Feeling overwhelmed? Fatigued? Get a fresh perspective on life by going upside down. Headstands can energize and refresh mind, body and spirit.



 It takes courage and persistence to achieve Scorpion. This challenging pose cultivates concentration, balance and patience. Brava, yogini!


Woman in Prayer

Bring reverence to any moment by gently pressing palm to palm in front of the heart. Just breathe.


Man on Rock Meditating

Get centered. Connect to yourself. Connect to Spirit. Then join the party. You’ll bring a lot more to it.


Acro Yoga Backbend

Trust and teamwork are the ingredients that allow softening and letting go in this AcroYoga backbend. This pose is the perfect antidote to sitting.


Mudra Man

Wisdom Mudra represents the unification of individual consciousness and universal consciousness. It’s a reminder that we are all one. This can be helpful when somebody steals your parking space.


Lunge Twist

Feet hurt? Back sore? This lunge twist will loosen up the spine and stretch the calves and feet.


Flying Pigeon

Flying Pigeon is an inspiring pose that stretches the limits of what’s possible in a yoga practice. It also stretches the hips. Try it with the back foot on the ground. 


Wide Forward Bend with Hands Clasped

This pose addresses a trifecta of issues: tight hamstrings, tight shoulders, foggy brain...a sweet transition between daytime and evening festivities.


Corpse Pose

When in doubt, just lie down, stretch out and relax. Close your eyes. Breathe. Plug into the Earth and recharge your battery. Nobody minds. Really.


All images by Art Gimbel.