Shine Bright Like a Diamond in The Most Versatile Festival Fashion Pieces

Article by: Tessla Venus Goodwin|@GlitterSpies

Wed July 26, 2017 | 10:00 AM

When it comes to festival fashion, you want to find pieces that can go with as many ensembles as possible, because you only have so much luggage space. Enter the concept of "festival basics," which we love for their adaptability, but also because they're often the opposite of what you would think of as a “basic” in your everyday life. After all, a piece wouldn't be truly fest-worthy if it were boring, would it?

The key is to find high quality unique items that you truly love. The more amazing you think something is, the more you'll want to wear it, and that'll inspire you to find new ways to show it off. Check out these six versatile pieces that will take your look from festival to festival, and beyond!

The Kimono

Fringe Epaulette Kimono Photo By Michael Drummond

Photo by: Michael Drummond

A kimono is the perfect layering piece. When it’s hot, kimonos shield your shoulders and when it’s cold, they offer just the right amount of warmth. Both men and women look great in kimonos of all shapes, sizes and colors. For the festival-goer on a budget, check thrift stores which usually carry silken gems in their sleepwear departments.

If you want something more customized and luxe, Flying Horses offers one-of-a-kind kimonos for men and women. The designer, Kira Buck, is an absolute magician at sourcing the most unique fabrics in Downtown L.A. and she even has a style that doubles as a onesie. The best thing about her kimono-onesies is that you can instantly be cooler or warmer with some simple adjustments. Warm up on that walk from the camp to the main area and step out of it once you’re burning up on the dancefloor. Utter perfection.

For those who thrive off rainbows and sequins, an Ellko dream coat is absolutely essential. It’s a piece that never gets old and simply enhances any outfit.

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The Scarf

Investing in scarves of multiple sizes and colors is the best thing you can do for your festival fashion wardrobe. What's more, your styling options are almost infinite. You can tie a scarf around your hat or tie up your hair. Use a scarf as a belt by tying one around your waist. You can also get them wet and drape them on yourself and those around you on a hot dancefloor. If you've got a larger scarf on hand, pin it to your top and let it hang off like a cape. With a few more pins, you can also use it to create a makeshift bustle. You can tie one onto your utility belt and use it to dance with. On the whole, scarves add a dash of pattern and color that can really make your ensemble pop. 

The super psychedelic scarves of Jumbie Art and Amanda Sage are eye-catching and are perfect add-ons to any outfit:

The Utility Belt or Holster

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When shopping for a utility belt or holster, convertibility is key. The more options, the better. For girls, it's really helpful to have a utility belt that can be worn on both the hips and the waist so the belt can complement any kind of bottom piece.

The holsters from Ladee Taha are beautiful and come in some truly unique colors. Their gold leather bag is incredibly versatile and can be worn as a backpack, shoulder holster, and fanny pack/leg holster:

The utility belt from Subverse Industries is versatile as well, because it's on an adjustable jersey tie so you can wear it at any position on your hips or waist. The company prides itself on its presentation and connections made in person – so their online store isn't usually as stocked as you think. It’s best to contact them personally. They are amazing with custom orders and have a lot more stock than pictured:

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The Bodysuit

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While a black or other solid-colored bodysuit might seem like the obvious choice for versatility, a patterned bodysuit can actually lend itself to more interesting ensembles. It also doesn’t require as much styling because it can shine on its own.

You might be able to luck into a killer bodysuit from the 80's or 90's at a thrift store. Always remember to check the swimwear section, because one-piece suits can double as bodysuits. If you're looking for something that's more high-quality and will last longer, the two brands below are made with festival-goers in mind.

This sacred geometry printed bathing suit by Wolven Threads works great as a bodysuit. If you are at a festival with water, you can go swimming easily as well. We'd recommend staying within the color palette and adding a solid short or legging, but you can also mix it up and add on another patterned bottom for a super psychedelic look.

A romper-type bodysuit is also a key layering piece. You can always add a skirt or bustle on top, as well as any outerwear from a cropped sweater to a full-length fur coat, depending on the weather. The playsuits from Pet Snake are super fun; their striped pattern makes them easily worn with solid colors or psychedelic, printed patterns.


Adding legwear, especially colored thigh-highs or crazy socks, can change the entire vibe of an outfit. I favor brightly colored fishnet thigh-highs from Leg Avenue. They can change the color palette of an ensemble in an instant. Socks with cool patterns or funny imagery can add a festival vibe to an otherwise more basic outfit. They can also add a bit more warmth during the evening, as well as comfort for your feet. It's wise to stock up on different thicknesses and lengths.

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Pins and Brooches

Pins and brooches are essential to any festival wardrobe. You never know when you're going to need to edit a garment in some way or add a dash of flair. Brooches can work wonders on altering the fit of a top or skirt. The right pin can turn any thrifted hat into a statement festival piece. They're also a really great thing to gift or trade.

Keep it simple with one brooch in the middle of your hat or create a story with multiple ones on the collar of your jacket or coat. Many pins are also inspired by DJs and bands, so this is a creative way to show that you're a fan.