This Is Why Bassheads Gather in Costa Rica Every Year

Article by: Laura Mason|@masonlazarus

Thu January 18, 2018 | 15:25 PM

For the past three years, deep in the gorgeously lush jungles of Jaco, Costa Rica, bassheads from all over have converged for some of the most expertly curated bass music at any festival anywhere. This year, Bamboo Bass Festival's organizers are more excited than ever about the lineup they've put together.

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"We're very excited to present two different record label showcases this year," Jordy Grant, Bamboo Bass director and founder, told us. "We have partnered up with Sleeveless Records and Deep, Dark, & Dangerous to showcase some of bass music's finest artists. 

Sleeveless will take over the stage on Sunday night with an amazing lineup that includes Stylust Beats, Shlump, Thelem, Esseks, a Yheti sunrise set, and more. Deep, Dark, & Dangerous will bring deep bass vibes to La Selva Stage, presenting heavyweights like Truth, Youngsta, DMVU, Abstrakt Sonance, and Khiva. 

Bamboo  Bass Poster 2018 Lineup

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"We're very proud to work with some amazing Costa Rican artists," continued Grant. "Bamboo family member and Costa Rican artist JLeon is a perfect example of the community we are building. He works as part of our core team, while also developing his own music. He has had a big year touring in Canada and United States, and will be performing at some of bass music's best festivals this summer. Filling out the styles, we are working together on a special soundclash performance that includes many of Costa Ricas premiere reggae and hip-hop artists. Jahricio, Crypy, Bloke, Ras Manuel, Malicia Indigena, DJP, & Leona del Ghetto will be joining forces to kick off the headliners on Saturday night.”

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Making Bamboo Bass Festival even more special is its location on a beautiful piece of jungle land that hosts the adventure park Jaco Ropes . The enormous jungle canopy, which includes two Cieba trees that are over 100 years old, hangs over the festival grounds and provides a home for plenty of amazing animals like monkeys, toucans, scarlet macaws, iguanas, and a rainbow of other creatures unique to Costa Rica. At night, the canopy is lit by by colored lights and bathed in even more light effects emanating from the festival's two beautiful stages.

When attendees need a break from the bombast, they can sail through the jungle canopy on the zip-line course that runs over the festival grounds, and finishes with an epic flourish by flying directly over the main stage's dance floor. Talk about an incredible way to get both a bird's-eye view of the festival action while being enveloped by the stunning natural environment in which Bamboo Bass takes place.

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The town of Jaco -- which itself is full of great restaurants, bars, and shops -- is in Playa De Hermosa, which has a way of capturing the hearts of anyone who travels there, whether they've never left the U.S. or have been around the world. Even Bamboo Bass's two Canadian founders are guilty of going there and never leaving -- and then building a music festival to celebrate its beauty. Playa De Hermosa is a postcard come to life, boasting a beach that stretches four kilometers, surfing, and two jungle points at each end. Playa de Hermosa's location gives people the opportunity to explore the rest of the country while they're there. Less than an hour from Jaco, there are even more beautiful beaches to explore, waterfalls deep within jungles, and trips to the famous cloud forests of Costa Rica, which are some of the most biodiverse areas of the entire globe.  

For bassheads, Bamboo Bass represents a new way to experience their favorite music, thanks to the marriage of the beauty of Costa Rica with the world's biggest bass artists -- a combination that is as enjoyable as it is life-changing.

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This article was produced in collaboration between Everfest's editors and Bamboo Bass Festival.