Which Wanderlust is Perfect For You? A Handy Guide

Article by: Laura Mason|@masonlazarus

Thu June 21, 2018 | 10:00 AM

Learning. Connection. Discovery. These are all things we strive for in everyday life. But going it alone can be tough and, undoubtedly you'll begin to yearn to break free of the brick and mortar studios, of those long nights reading self-help books and car rides steeped in podcasts about life lessons. Increasingly, festivals are providing celebratory environments in which to learn, connect and discover with like-minded people, and Wanderlust is a pioneer in this movement.

Since Wanderlust's inception in 2009, the festival has blossomed from its Lake Tahoe origins into a bustling franchise that now includes eight unique festivals and over one hundred of year-round events, each taking place in their own gorgeous locations and brimming with opportunities to learn, connect, and discover. The festivals themselves are all-out celebrations of mindful living. No matter the festival location, you’ll join a remarkable group of yoga and meditation instructors, brilliant musicians, inspiring speakers, top-caliber chefs and open-hearted attendees for a transformational experience in an array of lush, nature-rich locales. The point is to explore new ideas, make new friends, discover new abilities, and dance your heart out.

Now, the only thing left to decide is: Which Wanderlust is perfect for you? There's an entire summer's worth of Wanderlusts to choose from, so read on and take your pick.

Wanderlust Snowshoe (June 8 - 10, 2018)

Wanderlust Snowshoe Melissa Gayle  (1)

The Locale: Snowshoe Mountain Resort is in the heart of West Virginia’s historic Pocahontas County. Here, you'll find the festival grounds ensconced in the lush forests of the soaring Allegheny Mountains. The summit of this picturesque resort village is the highest point in the state, which means you'll be treated to gorgeous views encompassing almost 300 miles of the Appalachians' expansive hills and valleys, verdant flora and fauna, and Shavers Lake.

The Activities: Shavers Lake is the home base for Wanderlust Snowshoe’s unparalleled stand-up paddleboard program, so enjoy any number of varied SUP Yoga sessions. Explore the lore of West Virginias historical past during the 6000 Steps and Counting hike. Expand your knowledge and appreciation for nature during the Rediscover the Wonders of Nature session, a walk through the Enchanted Forest. Get a mountain biking lesson and set off on an adventure on Snowshoe Mountain's cross country trails. Combine the healing benefits of yoga, meditation and deep tissue massage for a deeply relaxing mind-body-spirit experience during a Thai Yoga Massage session. Awaken your inner healer and cultivate your innate healing powers starts with a shift in how you see the world during a class led by Davidji.

The Featured Talent: Rising yoga teachers and philosopher Chelsey Korus, founder and visionary behind Yoga Medicine, Tiffany Cruikshank, globally recognized mindbody health and wellness expert Davidji, soul-blues-gospel quintet Southern Avenue. View Wanderlust Snowshoe's full talent lineup here.

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Wanderlust Stratton (June 21 - 24, 2018)

Wanderlust Vermont 2017 Ali Kaukas  (1)

The Locale: Nestled in the Green Mountains, Stratton Mountain Resort has become a beloved Wanderlust destination thanks to the lush forests that unfurl in every direction from its grounds, and a summit that reaches 3,875 feet. Located just up the road from Bondville, Vermont, this quaint ski village draws Vermont locals and travelers alike.

The Activities: Venture beyond the village on a hike or run, as Stratton has over 600 acres of natural terrain to call your backyard. Do yoga in the sunshine atop the mountain during AcroYoga for Every Body, while breathing in clean air perfumed by pine needles. Go on a morning kayaking adventure on Lowell Lake. Turn your dreams into reality during Bullet Journaling 101: Create the Life You Want. Learn the ABCs of trail running, or take your shoes off entirely for a barefoot adventure through the woods called Primal Embodiment, during which you'll tune into your deepest, most primal personalities.

The Featured Talent: Accomplished teacher of yoga teachers Noah Mazé, yogini and Wanderlust co-creator Schuyler Grant, internationally celebrated yoga teacher and impassioned activist Seane Corn. See Wanderlust Stratton's full talent lineup here.

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Wanderlust Squaw Valley (July 19 - 22, 2018)

Wanderlust Squaw Valley 2017 Diana Gerstacker 1

The Locale: Squaw Valley is a highlight of Wanderlust's summer season. Spread across six peaks and 4,000 acres, Squaw's Granite Chief summits at 9,050 feet and is a crown jewel of the region. During the summer, it's a feast for the eyes, with vast, blue skies rolling into rainbow fields of wild flowers, and the backdrop of the Sierra Nevadas serenading a spectacular view of Lake Tahoe, North America’s largest alpine lake.

The Activities: With more than 40 activities scheduled throughout the three-day fest, tap into any activity level you desire. Catch Slackline Yoga Fundamentals on Friday morning, where you’ll learn to balance on a one-inch wide “yoga mat” (aka the slackline). Breathe in amongst the trees at “Waterfalls & Granite,” with multiple opportunities to participate (ranging from noon on Thursday to 6 am on Saturday), this is your chance to explore the Shirley Canyon trail, with a hike up along the creek that ends at a picturesque waterfall. Pop into Thursday's “ChiRunning” session, where you’ll learn about and lean into this effortless and injury-free running technique. Wanderlust Squaw’s idyllic location right along North Lake Tahoe makes SUP Yoga a perfect fit. Offering several workshops from SUP’s specialty water-based yoga practice, like “Float Your Yoga” and “Sup and Shine Yoga,” paddleboarding never looked so good. To tie it all together, don’t miss your chance to reflect at “Your Next Bold Move.” On Sunday night, Krista Petty Raimer will introduce you to the power of intention.

The Featured Talent: Renowned author, yoga teacher and speaker Elena Brower, yogi and "Blissologist" Eoin Finn, recognized Buddhist teacher and counselor Noah Levine, yogini and Wanderlust co-creator Schuyler Grant, global yoga teacher, energy activist, and movement alchemist Shiva Rea, keynote speaker Kyle Cease, theatrical funk-rock-jazz band MarchFourth, accomplished teacher of yoga teachers Noah Mazé, The Wanderlust House Band featuring Eric Krasno and Allen Stone. See Wanderlust Squaw Valley's full talent lineup here.

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Wanderlust Whistler (August 2-5, 2018)

Wanderlust Whistler 2016 Kylie Turley  (1)

The Locale: Whistler Blackcomb is an adventurer’s arcadia in gorgeous British Columbia, offering more than 8,000 miles of terrain, three glaciers, crystal clear rivers and an impressive summit at 7,494 feet. Yes, the 2010 Winter Olympics were held in Whistler, but the city also boasts a rich indigenous history. Its international acclaim is fostered by a vibrant base village that has draws venturers from all across the globe for generations thanks to its miles of heavenly highland trails, jaw-dropping views of the Peak 2 Peak experience, and a mountain bike park that’s been called the best in the world.

The Activities: Take full advantage of Whistler's highland trails via classes like Spirit of the Wild, where you'll dance and roam free to the sounds of nature and the beat of your own soul in the forest; the Symphony Lake Hike, a stunning but rugged backcountry hike along the beautiful Spearhead Walk, Harmony Lake Trail and High Note Trail to Symphony Lake; or the Lost Lake Loop, during which you'll learn the fascinating history of Whistler itself. Soar through the air on a zipline with a backdrop courtesy of Cougar Mountain. Celebrate the confidence and strength of women while dancing and moving to female-empowering songs during Feminist AF, a festive, woman-focused yoga session. Enjoy Whistler's famous mountain biking trails on an electric bike adventure. Experience Forest Therapy. Learn the Foundations of Hula Hooping, the art of self-massage during Holy Roller: Slow Flow + Self-Bodywork, or the childlike liberation felt while prancing through the forest during Prance Your Heart Out.

The Featured Talent: Legendary yoga teacher Sri Dharma Mitra, internationally celebrated yoga teacher and impassioned activist Seane Corn, author Gary Zukav, Kabbalah expert Karen Berg, theatrical funk-rock-jazz band MarchFourth, musician Nick Mulvey, accomplished teacher of yoga teachers Noah Mazé, powerful indie band Stars. See Wanderlust Whistler's full talent lineup here.

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Wanderlust Tremblant (August 23 - 26, 2018)

Wanderlust Tremblant Melissa Gayle

The Locale: Tucked within the Laurentian Mountains, Mont Tremblant combines quaint Quebecois charm with humbling natural beauty. Wanderlust Tremblant injects a yogic playfulness into this bilingual resort town, which is fashioned in classic, postcard-esque European style. Sightseeing in town will take you past a host of restaurants and bars serving delicious French-Canadian fare and a number of boutiques as you ascend the village streets. Beyond these storied streets, Wanderlust Tremblant offers meditative hikes amidst 600 acres of terrain, beachside yoga on the shores of beautiful Lac Tremblant, or a sunset wine tasting cruise amidst the lake's placid waters with newfound friends.

The Activities: Revel in the surrounding forests with Back Country Power Hikes, learn the art of eating wild during Foraging excursions, fun and easy River Runs, or Lookout Adventure Hikes, which will work those legs on an intense uphill climb. Feel the tranquil power of Lac Tremblant during SUP Yoga classes of all kinds, in both French and English. Combine hula hooping and yoga while improving your balance and core strength during a Hula Hoop Flow Class. Take your flow to new heights during an intro to Aerial Yoga. Learn how to identify and harvest wild medicinal plants in the forest.

The Featured Talent: Yogi and "Blissologist" Eoin Finn, yogi, author, and breathwork specialist Annie Langlois, yogini, speaker and surfer Jhenneviev Heartt, genre-bending New Orleans group Tank and The Bangas. See Wanderlust Tremblant's full talent lineup here.

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This article was produced in collaboration between Everfest's editors and Wanderlust Festival.

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