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Romania Festivals 2017 - 2018 Calendar

Magia Baloanelor Războieni, Romania
World Handicrafts Day Brașov, Romania
Jazz in the Park Romania Cluj Napoca, Romania
Gărâna Jazz Festival Gărâna, Romania
Electric Castle Bonțida, Romania
Waha Festival Bățanii Mari, Romania
Murmur Festival Făgăraș, Romania
Untold Festival Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Rockstadt Extreme Fest Braşov, Romania
Sunwaves Fest Constanța, Romania
Bucharest Street Food Carnival Bucharest, Romania
Mioritmic Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Romanian Thrash Metal Club Old Grave Fest Bucharest, Romania
Comedy Cluj Cluj Napoca, Romania

The Romania Festival Scene

Romania’s festival scene is standard for the region. History, booze and music all take precedence. Uniquely, however, you can experience the capital–Bucharest–as it was hundreds of years ago during Bucharest Days of Old. Surprisingly, all the way over in Eastern Europe, Latin American dance is big. The Bachata Romanian Dance Festival gathers thousands as they don their dancing shoes and revel in the three main styles of dance. Don’t worry, festivals in Transylvania are vampire free.

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