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Taiwan Festivals 2017 - 2018 Calendar

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour Taiwan Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour Taiwan Taitung City, Taiwan
Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival Pingxi, Taiwan
Spring Wave Music & Art Festival Taipei City, Taiwan
Looptopia Music Festival Taoyuan City, Taiwan
New Wave Music Festival Miaoli County, Taiwan
Road to Ultra Taiwan Taipei City, Taiwan
Sun Moon Lake International Fireworks and Music Festival Yuchi, Taiwan
Taiwan International Queer Film Festival Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The Taiwan Festival Scene

The island nation of Taiwan may stem from Chinese heritage, but its people have a proud culture all their own. Though they celebrate many festivals that are Chinese, they put their own spin on things. They observe the Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Lantern Festival and Moon Festival. Taiwan National Day is uniquely Taiwanese. After the Chinese Civil War, the Republic of China's leadership fled to the island to escape the Communist establishment. Ironically, Taiwan National Day celebrates a day that predates the current Chinese government.

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