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Ground Zero|3052 Howard St, Spartanburg, SC | Map

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Negative Realm Booking & Promotion presents the 5th annual Communion of Darkness - Black Metal Festival! Friday Oct. 13th & Saturday Oct. 14th, 2017 at Ground Zero (Spartanburg, SC). Featuring: SIVAD (TN), MAIESTAS (TX), XAEMORA (MO), MEHENET (LA), PROMETHEAN HORDE (FL), FORNICUS (KY), OBSIDIAN SHRINE (TN), HIVELORDS (PA), TYRANNY ENTHRONED (MO), DRACONIAN SCEPTER (NC), OCULUM DEI (NC), NECROSCYTHE (PA), ELDRE (MS), STAHL GORTHORL (TX), OCH (VA), BLED TO SUBMISSION (TN), VALLE CRUCIS (SC).