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The outskirts of Valeč near the castle park|, Valec, Czech Republic | Map

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From the Organizer

Main Stage-Live Acts: AIOASKA (Orange Spirit Studio) Austria AMANOYAKH (irOri Music/Atman Tribe) Japan ATHZIRA (Ovni Rec) Guatemala BREKEKE (Luk-si Records) Czech Republic BOLON YOKTE aka IMIX JAGUAR (Popol Vuh Records) Mexico CYPRIX (Mouju Records) Germany DARQ (Ogu Project) Germany ISOMETRIC (CATAR Records/GloOm Music) Spain KABAYUN (Sangoma Records) USA KALILASKOV AS (Ohm Ganesh Pro) Israel MALEX (Soundlab Pirates) Austria MayaXperience (Soundlab Pirates Rec) Austria MELT (Uroboros/Insonitus Rec) Australia MIDNITE CLIMAX (Nacion Psycodelica) Guatemala MOGLI CORE (Popol Vuh Records) Romania PSY VIKINGS (Cosmixed Society) Germany SUMIRUNA (Zenon Records/Merkaba Music) Australia XNOROPHIS (Transparence Records) Canada Main Stage-Dj's: Aguilar & Hechizero (Kosmika Crew Sv/Popol Vuh Rec) El Salvador Absolut (Psycrowdelica/Cosmixed Society) Sweden Aras (Mind Design) Austria Anqley (Independent) France AIO (Lycantrop Records) Cannada Bobby Om (Mouju Records) Germany Caban (LebeLiebeLache) Austria Dejan (Next Time Production, Mind Therapy Project) Serbia Digital Aum (Independent) Ireland Digo (Cosmicconvervenge) Guatemala Dreamdoctor (Flow EV Records) Austria Fidelis (Independent) Austria Fishimself (Matsuri Digital/Zna Gathering) Greece Happines (Euphoria) Austria Heehy (Synaptic Dreams/Fenix Festival) Czech Republic Horizon (Popol Vuh Records/Cosmixed Society) USA Insano & Camsis (Bionic Ritual) Austria Kimmei (Banyan Records) Germany Kojo (Fusion Culture Rec) Israel Lolla (Independent Theory) Czech Republic Magnolia (Cosmixed Society) Austria Nebokad (Mouju Records) Germany Ochen (Medulla Oblongata/LesnaSzajka) Poland Odonata (Perple Hexagon/Reversible Records) Canada Ondraj Psyla (Mystical Waves Rec) Czech Republic Origin (24/7 Rec/Interplay of Forces) Austria Parama (Next Time Production, Mind Therapy Project) Austria Phil Good (Cosmixed Society) Austria Pixie (Lycantrop Records) Costa Rica Sabsunshine (SoundLab Pirates) Austria Sascha Suntrax (Mukkepack) Austria Tarzan (Mouju Records) Germany Tom O’rion (Hypnotica Rec) Germany Trip Commander (Cosmixed Society) Austria Uurohmbre (Shipibo Sounds) Turkey Xerion (Banyan Records) Germany Zepha (Bonjour Montreal/Awsum Kultere) Canada Chill Out floor: Anicca (Cosmixed Society) Austria Anqley (Independent) France AURORAX (Evolutionary Voyage Alter Records) Bulgaria (Live) BEAT D FENDER (Yun Records) Portugal (Live) BreKeke (Luk-si Records) Czech Republic (Live) Caban (LebeLiebeLache) Austria COSMIC TOUCH (Visionary Shamanics Rec) Finland (Live) Dalilama (Shanti Tribe) Serbia Digital Aum (Independent) Ireland Exidus (Sunny Moon) Bulgaria Fipsinger & Parama (Next Time Prod) Austria Fishimself (Matsuri Digital/Zna Gathering) Greece Hemp cz (World Music-Experimental) Czech Republic (Live) I-One (Namaste) Czech Republic Kashmir (Independent) Czech Republic Marjan (Cosmixed society) Austria Martina Prchalová (Independent) Czech Republic (Live) MASTERMINDED Proj (Merkaba Music) Israel (Live) Noziroh (Popol Vuh Records/Cosmixed Society) USA Ochen (Medulla Oblongata/LesnaSzajka) Poland OMNION (Independent) Czech Republic (Live) Stix (Tansylvania Calling) Romania SUMIRUNA (Zenon Records/Merkaba Music) Australia XNOROPHIS (Transparence Records) Canada (Live) YEDHAKI:NAUTIKA (Organic Tribal Trance Band) Czech Republic (Live) 000333 (Independent) Czech Republic Deco: DekotroniX – Usa/Austria Elemental Crew & Cyreal (Ufo BUfo team) Czech Republic Nobokad Dekoration – Germany Tarzan Art – Germany Workshops: Alex Mo (Holy Mantra-Henna painting) A Celine Shakti (Kundalini Yoga ,Exploring tenderness Workshop) D Lisa Li (Breathwork,Rebirthing Ceremony) UK Pavlusha Safrdova... (Workshop - Hape Ceremony) A Remi & Elise (Transformatorium) Shamanita Hörhager (Pranayama Workshop – Energy Work, Shamanism Singing Bowl Message and Ayurvedic Yoga) A Tom Tom (Message) A More info: Free Camping & Parking Showers Healing Area Fire & Led Performance Bunny Moon Children Area ( with minimal noize ) Workshops Food & Market area with a view Funny Forest Hammock Garden Open Air Movie Area Castle garden Open by day Art Gallery ~Our Concept~ ———————– A International Family Festival A Festival with an International line up, although still affordable for You, the people A Festival where you can bring your children & enjoy the time of the ‘togetherness’ of Family & Fun. A Platform for Fresh Dj’s & up coming Live-Acts to introduce themselves to You A Festival with Healing Area with Workshops where you can expand your conciousness, A Festival where you can truly be involved when you feel like it, and are not treated like an unconcious consuming herd of cow/sheep (come pay & go), but come to stay and play:-)))!!!. Eintritt- (Entry Price @ the gate) price is from day of purchase until end of festival Wed 11,7 – Thr 12,7(12:00) 105- Thr 12,7 – Fri 13,7 (12:00) 100- Fri 13,7 – Sat 14,7 (12:00) 90- Sat 14,7 – Sun 15,7 (05:00) 80- end with afterparty: Monday 16,7 (07:00) Free (CZ,SK,H,Pol,) Half of Listed Price) ( !!!2018 People from Australia Free !!!(the one with the kangaroos)!!! Funny Moon Down Underground!!! ) Presale Price: Early Bird Price 70- (Now intill Jan.1 2018) – (Jan.1 intill june 25th) 80- ( )