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Craig Ranch Park|628 W Craig Rd Las Vegas, NV
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From the Organizer

Pirate Fest is family friendly event where the focus is to participate. It features Pirates, Steampunk, Fairies and Ren characters that follows its own “legend”. There are unique vendors, food, entertainment, activities, games and the Zappos Cardboard Regatta. The Regatta has people creating “boats” out of cardboard, duct tape and glue…getting in them and racing across the lake! There are trophies for creativity, speed, and the Davy Jones Award for the best sinking! Come watch them race…some horizontally…some vertically! Kids get a Treasure Map. They travel the park completing tasks. Hoist a sail, walk a plank, fight like a pirate. Complete it and receive swag and a Letter of Marque! The games were created specifically for Pirate Fest, some you won’t find anywhere else! The goal is to participate and experience this event! We even have a contest to win a week cruise for TWO on a real tall ship in the Caribbean about Sail Windjammer!! Talk about being a a REAL pirate! Pirate Fest… “Don’t just watch the pirates….BE a Pirate!”.