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USA Baseball Stadium & Park|4351 Babe Howard Blvd Millington, TN
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Weekend 1
Oct 13-14, 2018
USA Baseball Stadium & Park
Weekend 2
Oct 20-21, 2018
USA Baseball Stadium & Park

From the Organizer

It is the summer of 1576 and the hot crowded city of London has prompted the nobles to visit the wide open spaces of England’s hills and fields. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I, is on progress through the countryside. The Queen’s entourage has stopped in the quaint little Shire of Shelby for some much needed relaxation. The local villagers, wanting to welcome their beloved Queen, have chosen to hold a festival in her honor. They have persuaded only the finest in local and foreign merchants to make camp and sell their wares. Join us in the Queen’s entertainment and revelry as we celebrate Her Majesty’s visit. Shout Huzzah as the jousters enter into combat, join musicians in a merry song, test yourself with games of skill and chance, find familiar and exotic foods, join the nobles in courtly dance, pillage with the pirates, laugh at our fools, be amazed by our magicians and, most importantly, let fun abound in The Shire of Shelby! WHAT IS A RENAISSANCE FAIRE!?: A renaissance faire is a public family-friendly outdoor gathering that emulates the Renaissance historical period for the amusement of its guests. Our faire’s theme will be the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Come to the faire and travel back in time to the Elizabeth era. Learn Elizabethan dances, be knighted by the Queen herself, eat a giant turkey leg, browse the merchant rows, enjoy the performers, sail the seas with the Mid-South Buccaneers, and of course, cheer on your favorite jouster on horseback. Hip Hip! Huzzah! Hip Hip! Huzzah!