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South American Festivals 2018 - 2019 Calendar

San Diego Tango Festival San Diego, CA
Rio Réveillon Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Texas Quinceañeras & Prom Expo San Antonio, TX
Show Brazil Brazilian Carnaval/Mardi Gras Seattle, WA
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The South American Festival Scene

South American culture has spread across its borders and traveled all around the globe. Toss a dart at a map of the world, and you’re bound to strike a location which has incorporated this vibrant culture into their festival scene. Besides, ‘fiesta’ is a lot more fun to say than ‘party.' Whether you’re trying to get in touch with your family’s heritage or want to expand your cultural horizons, the South American festival landscape is vast and full of opportunities to accomplish either. Before you is a selection of colorful festivals ranging from authentic cuisine, exquisite wine, captivating film screenings and upbeat dance parties. If the travel bug hasn’t bitten you yet, expect a change in plans sometime soon; many cities near and far will entice you with their own takes on South American festivals.