Mysteryland is Back With a Bang!

Article by: Alexa Smith

Tue November 25, 2014 | 00:00 AM

Mysteryland USA is coming back with plans to be bigger and better in their second year in Bethel Woods, NY. 

The festival took to their Facebook page to announce the official dates for the 2015 edition of Mysteryland. The event is set for Memorial Day weekend on the sacred festival grounds of Woodstock ’69.

The inaugural year of Mysteryland saw a great amount of success. 20,000 fans from 27 different countries attended the event, where a tight-knit community of dance music fans created a judgement-free zone where the only thing that mattered was having a good time. The production took the festival grounds to the next level, with intricate stages that delivered an immersive experience. Festival-goers and producers cooperated with local law enforcement, and in general the first-year bar that Mysterland USA set was high.

Even though the reviews of the 2014 edition of Mysteryland were resoundingly positive, festival attendees still had some complaints. Poor weather preparation left the camp grounds in swamp-like conditions, with pathways turning into one big mud pit by the end of the event. With only one shower area, lines were over an hour long. Wait times for food and water were also noted as an issue.

This year Mysteryland has kicked the festival up a notch to address concerns from the first year. The Holy Grounds campsite will be bigger with better roads and mud prevention. Five large shower and restroom units will be placed throughout the grounds for better accessibility. The market place in the campgrounds will have more food and beverage stalls to cater to the breakfast rush. More water bars will also be scattered throughout the site.

Mysteryland Camping

The Holy Grounds welcoming party before the first day of the festival is also getting upgraded as well. The party stats at 2pm and ends at 2am, delivering twelve hours of uninterrupted music, art, and partying. The pre-party will have three stages this year including the Camping Circus and BangOn! bus from last year, and a new Pineapple Paradise stage, which made its debut in the Netherlands edition of the festival.

With all the success from the first year, combined with major improvements to the festival, there’s no doubt the 2015 edition of Mysteryland USA will wow it’s attendees. Pre-sales begin on Dec 3rd and 4th at 10am. To gain access to the Prrrly Bird pre-sale, you must first pre-register here.

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