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Alexa Smith
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Stories by Alexa Smith
Lightning in a bottle 2016 juliana bernstein   113
Flying Solo: How to Attend a Festival Alone
by  Alexa Smith
Going it alone at a festival can mean finding new friends...and finding yourself.
Northern nights 2014 northern nights 04
Short on Cash? Volunteer at a Festival for Tickets
by  Alexa Smith
More and more, festivals are encouraging attendees to give back – many times in exchange for free entry.
Tomorrowworld 2015 courtesy of flag
Top Reasons TomorrowWorld 2015 Was Still Amazing
by  Alexa Smith
The mud was only a minor obstacle in the way of what everyone was truly there for: the experience.
Festival All-Star: Lady Casa
by  Alexa Smith
Discover the inspiring woman and PLUR Warrior behind Lady Casa.
Electric daisy carnival 2014 art gimbel totems 19
Top 5 Apps for EDM Lovers
by  Alexa Smith
Stay up to speed on the latest EDM festivals, tracks and meet-ups!
Mysteryland juan maureira cc httpflic.krpiduyij 15
Mysteryland is Back With a Bang!
by  Alexa Smith
Yesterday is history. Today is a gift. Tomorrow is a mystery.
What the festival daniel zetterstrom 06
High Rollin': Deluxe Festival Accommodations
by  Alexa Smith
From mansions to rockstar tour buses, stay in style while you get your fest on.
Electricforest 2014 matturban psychedelicfriendshipbingo 025
Festival Money-Saving Tips
by  Alexa Smith
How to have big fun on a small budget.
Tomorrowworld rave mixtrible flickrcc
TomorrowWorld Announces Theme, Stage Design & Video
by  Alexa Smith
Find out what's in store for TomorrowWorld 2014.
Moonrise 2014 ty reamer 6
Could Moonrise Festival Be the Next Big Thing?
by  Alexa Smith
There's a new moon rising.
Mad decent block party mikey wally flickrcc
Mad Decent Block Party
by  Alexa Smith
There goes the neighborhood.
Party Animals Prepare to Flock to Electric Zoo
by  Alexa Smith
Music soothes the savage beast.
Tomorrowworld ravers mixtribe flickrcc
Why This Year’s TomorrowWorld Will Kick Last Year’s Ass
by  Alexa Smith
TomorrowWorld's on.
Ultra 2014 casey flanigan 23
Top 10 EDM Festivals in the World
by  Alexa Smith
The definitive bucket list for house heads, tranceaholics, dubsteppers and everyone in between.
Tomorrowland 2012 idt belgium 29
Tomorrowland vs. TomorrowWorld
by  Alexa Smith
Two heavyweight festivals face off.
Tomorrowland 2012 idt belgium 03
Tomorrowland Expands to Sao Paulo, Brazil
by  Alexa Smith
Step aside, Carnival, here comes Tomorrowland!
Tomorrowworld rave mixtrible flickrcc
Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat: Tips for TomorrowWorld 2014
by  Alexa Smith
Your TomorrowWorld 2014 survival guide.
Defqon.1 matthias ecker flickrcc
Everything You Need to Know About Defqon.1
by  Alexa Smith
Defqon.1 is hell, in the best way possible.
What the festival daniel zetterstrom 17
Festival Camping Survival Guide
by  Alexa Smith
With festival season upon us, many people will get the opportunity to rough it in the wild for a...
Coachella 2014 weekend 2 art gimbel 84
Top 10 EDC Las Vegas Pool Parties
by  Alexa Smith
Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas week is here, and you know what that means—pool parties! Some...
Hero electric daisy carnival erik kabik
Electric Daisy Carnival: Las Vegas Travel Guide
by  Alexa Smith
In just two short weeks, hundreds of thousands of ravers will make their way to Las Vegas for...
Mysteryland juan maureira cc httpflic.krpiduyij 03
11 Tips to Enhance Your Mysteryland Experience
by  Alexa Smith
This Memorial Day Weekend, Mysteryland makes its US debut at the iconic site of the original...