Tomorrowland Expands to Sao Paulo, Brazil

Article by: Alexa Smith

Thu July 24, 2014 | 00:00 AM

Undoubtedly the most highly coveted EDM festival, with tickets selling out in minutes, Tomorrowland is an adventure every raver dreams of experiencing. Maybe, just maybe, they will finally save up enough money and decide to make the trek all the way to Boom, Belgium, for the five-day, four-night celebration of music, art, culture, and life. Now it may be easier for them to experience the madness.

Tomorrowland has gone fully global, with a new installment of the magical festival coming to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Rumors of the South American expansion began to swirl last week when the blogosphere caught word through Brazilian media that ID&T signed a contract to hold the event in the country. However, the original post from radio station Jovem Pan was quickly removed, causing a whirlwind of speculation.

Tomorrowland 2012 Idt Belgium   18

David Guetta confirmed the rumors and broke the shocking news to the world during his Sunday night set. The announcement was also captured on TomorrowLand TV, where viewers worldwide got to witness the news over the live stream. Guetta informed the festivalgoers that a party was going on in Sao Paulo as he spoke, where 10,000 had been watching the TomorrowLand live steam. He then announced the news to Brazil, and the crowd went wild.

This festival brand has already been experiencing some serious expansion. Last year, TomorrowWorld traveled to the US to make its new home just outside of Atlanta in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, followed by Tomorrowland being held over two weekends this year to celebrate its 10-year anniversary of the flagship festival.

Hero Tomorrowland Idt Belgium

The Brazil festival will be held May 1–3, 2015, in the town of Itu, outside Sao Paulo. The rumored venue, Parque Maeda, will have similar aspects to the original location (vast lush lands, rolling green hills, multiple intricately decorated stages, gourmet food, and the famous campsite DreamVille). Global Journey Travel Packages are set to go on sale August 23, as well as the general tickets on sale starting September 6.