Tomorrowland vs. TomorrowWorld

Article by: Alexa Smith|@masonlazarus

Fri July 25, 2014 | 00:00 AM

Tomorrowland fever has taken over the world, with the festival’s two-weekend, 10th-anniversary celebration currently going on and the recent announcement of the festival expanding to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Tomorrowland is considered the Mecca of EDM by many, but is it really worth the investment of attending the European leg of the festival? We weigh in on the pros and cons of Tomorrowland and TomorrowWorld.

TomorrowWorld Is Its Own Little World

Tomorrowworld Camping Empire Deathray Flickrcc

Tomorrowland may do a great job creating a magical atmosphere at its venue in Boom, Belgium. However, the number-one complaint from festivalgoers is that it’s too close to civilization to truly feel away from reality. Not to mention there isn’t much space, and crowds are condensed, making it cramped and hard to get around.

TomorrowWorld is off the grid on an 8,000-acre farm in the middle of nowhere, creating a dream world that can’t be matched by any other festival in the world. The rolling hills and lakes scattered throughout the Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, are extensively decorated in an otherworldly fairy-tale theme. The only downside is the amount of walking you have to endure.

TomorrowWorld is 21+

TomorrowWorld has an older crowd compared to Tomorrowland, which is 18+. The festival coordinators wanted to send a message to the States that the American edition of the festival is here to stay. They want festivalgoers to know electronic dance music isn’t a phase; it is a journey that will be here for many years to come. With an older crowd, the vibe seems much more sophisticated. You won’t catch any teenagers twerking just to get a good video for Instagram. People are at TomorrowWorld to enjoy a civilized experience with one another.

They Each Offer Different Stages

Tomorrowland 2012 Idt Belgium   04

Although there are 16 stages at Tomorrowland, TomorrowWorld makes its 8 stages count by offering genres you can’t find at the Belgian edition, such as trap. As we know, many Americans are diehard trap fans, so this can make all the difference. However, in Belgium you get a greater presence of hardstyle at the Q-dance stage as well as a deep-house Carl Cox & Friends stage, and also Dim Mak, Mad Decent, and Trance Addict stages.

Europeans Like More Mainstream EDM

At Tomorrowland, festivalgoers flock to the stage for the likes of Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, Avicii, and Afrojack. They go crazy for songs that we consider Top 40 on American radio stations. This can be beneficial for people who want to check out less-popular DJs. You can be at the front of the stage for your favorite DJ.

PLUR Is Real at Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland 2012 Idt Belgium   09

You may think the united vibes of togetherness at TomorrowWorld are something that can’t be topped, but imagine that feeling on a worldwide scale. It isn’t about the neon ravers of USA coming just for the party; it’s about the feeling of music uniting the world. You can enjoy the feeling of true world peace as you dance around the venue in pure music-induced bliss.

The Energy Is High in Boom, Belgium

People don’t just wander into Tomorrowland. The most dedicated dance fans spend several months or even years planning their trek to the greatest music festival in the world. Not to mention, tickets sell out in a matter of minutes. Here in the States, TomorrowWorld doesn’t sell out as quickly. Some people grab tickets on a whim and are just there to experience the party. Not in Belgium. You won’t catch a soul standing around aimlessly staring at the stage. The crowd came from all over the world to experience the madness, and they’re going to make every minute count, dancing for hours on end, making new friends, and exploring the land.

TL and TW Both Make the Details Count

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The festival organizers, ID&T, know exactly what they’re doing for both editions of the festival. Even the smallest details enhance your experience. Wooden walkways throughout DreamVille and the festival can be the difference of limping with blisters by day two or walking with ease. Freshpoint stations are scattered throughout both festivals, where you can find flushing toilets stocked with toilet paper by bathroom attendants. However, Tomorrowland does have employees who happily give you a spritz of deodorant just by walking up to them. Girls will also be happy to hear that Tomorrowland’s DreamVille is mostly dominated by males, which means faster shower lines for the girls.

You Decide

Of course both TomorrowWorld and Tomorrowland have plenty of amazing food, happy workers, and decorations that make the experience truly unique. Whether it’s space to enjoy yourself at TomorrowWorld or the feeling of global connectedness at Tomorrowland, each festival has its strong points. You decide which one best fits your needs.