Burning Man 2016 is First Stop for Boeing 747

Photo: Lance Powell

“Imagination is everything. It is a preview of life’s coming attractions.” – Albert Einstein

This is the idea behind the Big Imagination Foundation, an incubator for tomorrow’s ingenuity and ideas that will change the world. With a major focus on participation and education, the foundation aims to better humanity through large-scale creative projects.

After a year in the making, their first project will make its grand debut at Burning Man 2016. On August 28 through September 5, tens of thousands of Burners will witness the unveiling of the largest mobile structure in Black Rock City history – a Boeing 747.

Burning Man 2016 747

Photo: Sean Zaccheo

In line with the inventive spirit of Burning Man, the 747 project takes art cars to an amazing extreme. The gargantuan size of the structure alone is difficult to grasp, and that it even exists is a reflection of Big Imagination’s philosophy – anything is possible.

But that’s not to say it has been easy. The creation of the Boeing 747 was a participatory project involving hundreds of volunteers – NASA engineers, visionary architects, sound designers amongst many others. The team even included some workers involved with the original 747 construction.

The inside of the 747 is a transformational space designed for personal discovery and interactive experiences. All who enter are invited to embark on their own journey – whether it be through inspirational presentations, all-night dance parties or creative exploration.

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