Here's How You Can Save On Your Favorite Festivals in February

Article by: Casey Berg

Thu February 01, 2018 | 20:53 PM

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Hot Rods and Hatters Festival & Car Show , Lockhart, Texas (February 2-3, 2018)

Imagine a time of slick-backed hair, cigarette packs in t-shirt sleeves, and cuffed tight denim jeans. Women hugged their curves in polka dot dresses while large barrel curls framed their face with bright red lipstick highlighted their pout. Colorful cars paraded down the streets and a tank of gas only cost a nickel. Well, Hot Rods and Hatters Festival & Car Show combines these authentic treasures to transform Lockhart, Texas into a rockabilly haven. Hot Rods and Hatters only showcases the most visually striking rides, with over 1,200 making an appearance throughout downtown for your viewing pleasure.

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Festival Nómade , Purranque, Chile (February 6-12, 2018)

Festival Nomade 2017 Courtesy Of 2

Photo by: Festival Nomade

The daily grind chains many people to monotonous routines that are often hard to break. When you escape to Festival Nómade, you’re no longer just a cog in the machine. You’ll embrace the nomadic lifestyle in a remote, festive environment that treasures familial bonding and memorable cultural exchanges above everything else. Southern Chile’s lush evergreen forests, dominating mountains, and ever-mesmerizing coastlines provide the perfect setting for these experiences. With only 600 tickets sold, this festival turns strangers into family ensuring inimitable quality and fond memories to last a lifetime.

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Bamboo Bass Festival , Jaco, Costa Rica (February 16-18, 2018) 

Bamboo Bass Festival 2018 Grim Photography 1

Photo by: Grim Photography

There’s your typical art and music festival in the wilderness, and then there’s Bamboo Bass Festival, a one-of-a-kind experience nestled in the Costa Rican jungle. Between lush, towering trees and the brown sugar-colored sand of Jaco Beach, you’ll find a rich combination of bass music, local culture and mind-blowing art. Bamboo Bass takes place at an awesome adventure park called Jaco Ropes. This popular ropes course lets people explore the expansive, ancient jungle through a series of obstacles. The unbeatable location is just minutes away from downtown Jaco as well as the astonishing coastline, where you can soak in the warm Costa Rican sun.

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Carnaval de Bahidorá , Tlaltizapan, Mexico (February 17-18, 2018)

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With Carnaval de Bahidorá, Mexico’s stake in the pantheon of hipster destinations is complete. If Mexico City is the capital of cool then Bahidorá is a shimmering outpost off the well-tread path. It’s been called “the global festival circuit’s best kept secret,” and now, entering its sixth season, it’s putting Morelos, Mexico, on the map for music-loving experience hunters. Musical and regional diversity are clear first principles, but it also weaves in experiential elements like processions of local performers, magicians, art installations, and classes in the circus arts.

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Envision Festival , San Jose, Costa Rica (February 22-26, 2018)

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The idea behind Envision is to create a space where cultures can be shared—specifically those of North, South and Central America, in a communal, sustainable environment that seeks to elevate all of those who inhabit it. There are four music stages that will host powerhouses in the EDM circuit like Xavier Rudd, Bob Moses, and Troyboi, but Envision isn’t just about music—there’s equal space devoted to activities such as yoga and sacred movement (drumming, kirtan, etc.), healing modalities, permacultures, art, and plant healing.

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