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Marcus Dowling
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Stories by Marcus Dowling
Shambhala 2014 eamon armstrong britz
Festival All-Star: Shambhala's ShambhaMom, Britz Robins
by  Marcus Dowling
The Renaissance woman on becoming Shambhala's Rave Mom.
Día de los muertos 2016 kristina bakrevski   07
8 Mystical Halloween Festivals from Around the World
by  Marcus Dowling
Surreal, spooky, spiritual, and steeped in tradition.
Hsb hero
8 Great Free Music Festivals on U.S. Soil
by  Marcus Dowling
Not every music festival has to make a huge dent in your bank account.
Sunburn fest 2015   1
The 10 Music Festivals in India to Attend in 2016
by  Marcus Dowling
You can add these to your agenda once the Western Hemisphere's festival season has cooled off.
Festival d'été de québec 2014 andre olivier lyra 2
10 Amazing Canadian Festivals to Add to Your Summer Travel Agenda
by  Marcus Dowling
These musical and cultural offerings are more than worth traveling across the border to experience.
The Best New Year's Eve Festivals and Festivities to Ring in 2016
by  Marcus Dowling
Jam cruise 2014 joshua timmermans 21
6 Perfect Festivals to Kick Off Your 2016 Season
by  Marcus Dowling
For those who like to get a head start on things.
Moogfest crowd 2012
Six Festival Stories to Watch in 2016
by  Marcus Dowling
These will likely change your festival calendar in the upcoming year.
Www.francescovicenzi.euccrainbowdsc7805httpflic.krp9gmalt version 2
The Best Music Festivals in Australia
by  Marcus Dowling
These Southern Hemisphere festivals heat up as the Northern Hemisphere cools down.
Sunburn festival 08
Asia's Best Music Festivals
by  Marcus Dowling
Book your trip, stat.
Gratifly festival courtesy of nature
The Dissolution of a Young Festival: Lessons Learned from Gratifly's Demise
by  Marcus Dowling
How a regional transformational festival in South Carolina had to give up the dream and learn a lesson the hard way.
Nocturnal wonderland 2015 galen oakes headdresses   1
It's Time to Abandon Wearing Headdresses to Festivals
by  Marcus Dowling
Why you should ditch your war bonnet for good.
Shambhala 2014 eye of the mind
What Festival Organizers All Over the World Can Learn from Shambhala
by  Marcus Dowling
After going strong for almost 20 years, what is Shambhala's secret sauce?
Firefly 2015 danilolewis confetti
29 Photos That Capture Firefly Music Festival's Magic
by  Marcus Dowling
When 90,000 people convene in one space – mixing youth, music, and irrepressible glee – a magical energy is born
Firefly 2014 firefly 4
The Classic, Modern and Feel-Good Sides of Firefly Festival
by  Marcus Dowling
All the can't-miss to-dos for Firefly Festival this weekend.
Mysteryland usa 2015 danilo lewis for mysteryland 47
Why Music Festivals Need to Be About More Than Just Music
by  Marcus Dowling
Following a rash of negative press, we're wondering: do mainstream music festivals have a little growing up to do?
Grandma techno fred trottier
Festival All-Star: Grandma Techno, Movement's Elder Stateswoman
by  Marcus Dowling
The 73-year old Movement Detroit veteran Patricia Lay-Dorsey continues to show that the spirit of the festival comes from the soul. 
5 Artists to Watch at Mysteryland USA
by  Marcus Dowling
Of over the 100+ booked over Memorial Day Weekend, we've chosen the best.
Ultra 2015 galen oakes 094
10 Festivals with the Coolest, Craziest EDM Stages
by  Marcus Dowling
Music at festivals has always been big, but more and more, festival stages (especially of the EDM persuasion) are attractions in their own right.
Festival All-Star: Plexi PR's Betty Kang
by  Marcus Dowling
Meet the woman who is leading a cultural movement for a new generation.
Robertadammayerbrooklynhiphopbusta rhymes
5 Rap Festivals You Need to Know About
by  Marcus Dowling
The boom-bap realm is blowing up.
Mysteryland juan maureira cc httpflic.krpiduyij 15
Hurry! Mysteryland US Camping and Tickets Are Almost Sold Out
by  Marcus Dowling
Still on the fence about whether to head to Mysteryland's second US event? We're here to help.
Festival On the Rise: Trillectro
by  Marcus Dowling
Three friends went to Coachella and got inspired. Here's the story of how their Trillectro Music Festival was born.
Gathering of the vibes 2014 gathering of the vibes 27
Festival All-Star: Wavy Gravy
by  Marcus Dowling
Meet the original festival all-star, who was the official clown for the Grateful Dead and a major force behind the first Woodstock Festival.