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Laura Mason
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Stories by Laura Mason
Crssd festival 2017 felicia garcia    8 of 9
Summer Vibes Ruled at the Sold-Out CRSSD Festival
by  Laura Mason
Electronic artists played to enthusiastic fans in Waterfront Park's slice of tropical heaven.
Gorillaz wallpaper vortex
Gorillaz Is Back and The Group's Got Its Own Festival to Celebrate
by  Laura Mason
Who else will join the lineup?
National pyrotechnic festival porter yates 16
Explosive Images from Mexico's National Pyrotechnic Festival
by  Laura Mason
This is a fire lover's dream come true.
Balispirit festival 2014 the confluence 36
This Video Will Get You So Ready for BaliSpirit Festival
by  Laura Mason
Prepare yourself for one of the most beautiful festival experiences.
Envision festival 2017 eric allen photo 8 cropped
In Photos: Envision Is One of the Most Beautiful Festivals on Earth
by  Laura Mason
From its radiant attendees to its jungles and beaches, everything looks like a postcard.
Sxsw 2016 adrian spinelli   06
SXSW Might Refer International Bands to Immigration Authorities for Unofficial Shows
by  Laura Mason
SXSW has some 'splainin' to do.
Coachella 2016 erik voake matt and kim 2
Lady Gaga Will Replace Beyoncé at Coachella
by  Laura Mason
Gaga to the rescue!
Comedy central festival 2017 bago games flickr cc
Comedy Central's Colossal Clusterfest is an Awesome Clusterf***
by  Laura Mason
It will unite some of the best comedy and music talent in the land.
Comic con 2016 chris hong 19
People Are Pissed About Saudi Arabia's First-Ever Comic-Con
by  Laura Mason
But many saw it as a huge sign of societal progress.
Earth frequency festival 2017 bill la 9
In Photos: Earth Frequency Is a Haven for Self-Expression and Personal Growth
by  Laura Mason
The vibe is alive at this transformational fest Down Under.
Pitchfork festival 2014 jessica lehrman 2
Pitchfork Music Festival's 2017 Lineup Features the Buzziest and Best
by  Laura Mason
These are some of the most cutting edge artists you'll see on any 2017 lineup.
Creamfields 2015 geo h photo 14
Creamfields Goes Hard for Its 20th Anniversary
by  Laura Mason
The iconic dance festival has huge names in store for attendees.
Coachella 2016 erik voake matt and kim
Beyoncé Drops Out of Her Headlining Spot at Coachella
by  Laura Mason
Who will fill in for the superstar?
Camp bisco digboston cc   03
So Many Names on Camp Bisco's 2017 Lineup, So Little Time
by  Laura Mason
This Disco Biscuits (and all their friends) are back.
Arise festival 2015 juliana bernstein   40
ARISE's 2017 Lineup Brings the Heat to Its Fifth Year Anniversary
by  Laura Mason
Atmosphere, Ani DiFranco, and more incredible names top the bill.
G eazy nancy hoang 1
Win Tickets To Pot of Gold, No Rainbow Chasing Required
by  Laura Mason
Celebrate St. Patricks' Day with good weather, good people, great vibes.
Rbc bluesfest 2015 mark horton crowd
RBC Bluesfest's 2017 Lineup is Insane
by  Laura Mason
Its diverse lineup is to die for.
Wonderfruit festival 2017 exithamster 16
In Photos: Wonderfruit Is Unlike Any Music Festival in Thailand
by  Laura Mason
It's a leader in Southeast Asia's new wave of conscious gatherings.
Rainbow serpent festival 2017 francesco vincenzi 6
This 360 Video Makes You Feel Like You're at Rainbow Serpent Festival
by  Laura Mason
Pretend you're bathed in Australia's summer sun right now.
Exit beach marcusbarnes
EXIT's Festival's New Sea Star Reveals Big Names for Its 2017 Debut
by  Laura Mason
Croatia's fest scene refuses to simmer down.
Life is beautiful 2015 jeff kravitz filmmagic art motel
5 Cutting-Edge Festivals for Graffiti Lovers
by  Laura Mason
You'll be in wildstyle heaven at these celebrations of street art.
What the festival 2016 daniel zetterstrom   23
What The Festival Just Dropped Its 2017 Lineup
by  Laura Mason
Oregon's Mt. Hood National Forest is about to get lit.
Harbin ice snow sculpture festival 2010 icpnews flickr cc
Harbin Snow Festival Videos 2017
by  Laura Mason
This is arguably the coolest winter festival in the world.
Sapporo snow festival 2017 final fantasy sculpture
Huge Pop Culture Sculptures Rule at Sapporo Ice & Snow Festival
by  Laura Mason
Final Fantasy, Star Wars, and the PPAP guy dazzled crowds.